Building Construction

    • Housing Projects, Office, Medical, Communication Facilities.
    • Maintenance Building, Schools, Hospitals, Government Offices
    • Building support Facilities, Mosques and Musalla
    • Pre-Cast Concrete, Structural Steel Building and Pre-Engineered Building
    • Space Framed Steel Building and Shades
    • Warehouses, Timber Structures
    • Building finishes, Waterproofing, Carpeting, Painting, Decorations
    • Furniture and Building Furnishing, Building Plumping and Accessories
    • Building Electrical and Fire Protection System
    • Building HVAC Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning
    • Cleaning the Houses, Offices, Hospitals, Factories, Mosques and Bridges

    Earthworks, Road Construction and Site Preparation

    • General Earth Moving
    • Survey and Layout, Site Preparation
    • Asphalt Paving, Road Signs, Markings, Stripping and Clearing
    • Sidewalks and Walkways, Curbs and Gutters
    • Fencing and Gates
    • Drainage System and Landscaping.


    • Process Piping
    • Fire water system including Hydrants, valves, sprinkler
    • Cooling tower and chilled water system
    • Pipe cladding and insulations
    • Pipe coating
    • HVAC system including duct fabrication and installation


    • Substation
    • Transformers, switchgear, control gear
    • Generators, dummy load and transfer switches
    • Switch board and panel board cable termination and splicing
    • Overhead and underground power distribution
    • Cathodic protection
    • Outdoor and perimeter lighting
    • Roads lighting
    • Hi-pot testing and commissioning
    • Grounding and lighting protection
    • Communication networks
    • Computer networks
    • CCTV and security control system


    • Sewage treatment plant
    • Sewer and drainage system
    • Water distribution system
    • Chilled water system
    • Irrigation system
    • Industrial gas piping


    • Building maintenance
    • Road maintenance
    • Piping maintenance
    • Equipment repair
    • Building trades
    • Work unit rates
    • Computer maintenance
    • Pipeline maintenance
    • Overhead cranes maintenance

    Design and engineering services

    • In-house designing
    • Shop drawings
    • Electrical testing and commissioning
    • Drafting services
    • HVAC testing and commissioning
    • Roads and engineering
    • Lifting equipment/overhead crane designing
    • Lifting equipment proof of load testing & certification

    Transportation services

    • Truckload service
    —    Pipes, construction materials, equipments, etc.
    —    Heavy-lift crane (mobiles crane, lattice boom crane, etc.).

    Lifting equipment/Overhead crane services

      1. Assessment & safety Inspection
    • All types of cranes electrically operated / manually operated.
    • Hazardous & none hazardous area
    • 2. Proof of load testing & certification
    • Safe working load (SWL)
    • Work load limit (WLL)
    • 3. Repair service & maintenance program
    • On-call repair service 24/7
    • Routine preventive maintenance
    • 4. Crane operator training program
    • Basic operation manual
    • Practical & theoretical exam
    • 5. Refurbishment & modernization
    • Engineering study
    • Innovation program
    • 6. Crane & Hoist components
    • Crane accessories
    • Electro-mechanical & machine tools
  • Inspection & Calibration Services

    TIS provide the full range of inspection to Drilling / Work over Rig and affiliates.
    TIS provide Inspection & Certification of Lifting Equipment, Lifting Equipment Supplies, Inspection Services and LEMS (Lifting Equipment Management System) for Rigs
    TIS also provide the wide range of Tubular Inspection to their customer i.e. new & used oil country tubular good covering, heavy weight Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Casing, Tubing and Bottom Hole Assembly etc...
    TIS undertake Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) using, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye Pentrant Inspection, Eddy Current Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection, Design and Fabrication, Welding processing i.e. SNAW & GTAW, Visual Inspection Test, Liquid Penetrant Test, Radiography Test and TOFD.
    TIS has also ability to do the Calibration & Testing Services by Pressure & Torque Lab, Electricity & Temperature Lab, Gas Detection & Fire Fighting Lab, Dimensional Measuring Tools Lab, Pressure Test Services and Instrumentation Services.