TEAM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES, ESTABLISHMENT had at its core, a team of competent, dedicated and motivated managers who straddle most industrial sectors providing a multi-discipline management capability to the projects.
It is the policy of TEAM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES ESTABLISHMENT to emphasize on contant training of its personnel through appraisal, coaching and training at all levels.

Our future lies with the development of our people, particularly our younger employees. Our graduates rotate through within the company various positions as to make their role and position more pivotal exposing them to as many areas of operation as possible in the first two years into the company. All graduates engineer are assigned to a mentor, who guide them through their first year in the company and helps them with professional development.

Our office its subsidiary offices and its appointed international recruitment agencies can mobilize rapidly large number of highly skilled tradesmen and engineers as required.

With a policy of investigating in its people, TEAM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES ESTABLISHMENT support managers and workforce alike through constant appraisal, coaching, training and by encouraging personal initiative. We are focused to consistently improve the high quality and standards of personnel for which TEAM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES ESTABLISHMENT is recognized.

It is the underlying policy of TEAM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES ESTABLISHMENT to develop and train the indigenous labor force and retain this staff within the subsidiary operation. Providing technology transfer in the specialist areas of engineering and construction. In this regards we believe that we have been very successful.